How to Add Categories to a Blogger

Blog-ui >> Categorizing your Blogger posts is not as tough as you would assume. This is an often-overlooked tool that may really assist arrange your content for simple browsing and is essential for effective blog design.


category blogger

Blogger refers the categories as "labels." When you make a new post, you may add labels to assist organize the material.


Your previously used labels will also show underneath the label field for easy access. The labels show at the bottom of your articles and are connected to Blogger's search label page.

If you click on one of these classified links, as seen in the image above, you will be brought to a page on your blog that displays all entries with that specific label attached.


Labels are subsets of Categories.

It's important to understand that labels ARE categories in Blogger. They should not be used to incorporate keywords in your postings in order to improve search rankings.


Many bloggers are perplexed by this, and instead of correctly classifying their content, they put hundreds of keywords into the label box. This may have a detrimental impact on your search engine rankings, as well as result in a cluttered blog and a complicated classification technique.

For example, if a reader clicks on one of your keywords at the bottom of your article in the hopes of reading additional posts on that topic, they may be provided with simply that one item, or other pieces that have little to do with the label. (The same is true for WordPress's "Tags" section.)


How to Include a Category Page Link in Your Menu

You must first obtain the URL before adding it to your navigation menu!


Linking to any label page is simple and may be accomplished in two ways.


The first method is to right-click on one of your post labels at the bottom of your published article and pick the option to copy the link.

The second option is to type it out by hand.


The syntax is just your blog URL followed by /search/label/your label, where "your label" is the label you've chosen, such as "SEO" So,  would return all entries labeled "SEO" like this link click here


The label in the URL must be written EXACTLY as you wrote it in the labels section of your article. Because it is case sensitive, if you entered "Recipe" instead of "recipe" into the label field, update your URL link to match.


To add this link to your menu bar, just add it as an external link to the Pages widget.

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Final Thoughts

To conclude, utilizing post labels is a great method to organize your blog articles and allow visitors to explore pages that are all about the same thing. If you've been misusing the labels area, I recommend that you stop right now and reconsider your strategy.