Free Email Validation Tools and Software : These are top 10 Recommedation

Cleaning your list is a crucial element of any email marketing strategy. However, if you are just starting off, you may be put off by the notion of investing in cleaning up your list. That's why I've compiled a list of the best free email validation tools and software for removing invalid emails from your list.


Cleaning your email list is the most efficient approach to maintain a good return on investment. It's also a great method to keep focused on your clients or prospects. Unwanted contacts are both ineffective and costly to the organization.

Some of the email checks in the list are not available indefinitely. However, they provide a lot of value, so you may want to consider investing in an email verification service later. Let's get started on the list right now.

The following are the top 13 free email validation tools and software.

Let me state unequivocally that I am not compensated for publishing this list of email verification checkers. It is solely the result of my extensive research and expertise. Let's start with my H-Supertools' email verifier.

#1. Email Validation Tool by H-Supertools

If you've been reading H-Educate for a time, you're probably aware that I own H-Supertools. There is also an email validation web app on the site. But that's not why I've included it on my list. The sole reason to use H-Supertools' email validator is that it is completely free.

Yes, you read that correctly. Other email verifiers on the market provide a limited number of free email checks. However, you may validate a large number of email addresses for free with the H-Supertools program.

Privacy & Restriction

However, it merely validates the existence of the recipient's email address and does not put the anti-spam measures to the test. It also does not provide thorough reports. In terms of privacy, H-Supertools complies with GDPR and does not collect or use any of your personal information.

#2. Verifalia's No-Cost Email Verification Service

This free email validator allows you to determine whether or not your email address is genuine. The tool validates that the mailbox exists and that the user is able to receive emails. Verifalia provides thorough replies without sending an email. That's fantastic.

How does it function? Fill in your email address in the box, confirm that you are not a robot, then click the 'Validate' button. The report indicates whether or not the email is deliverable and genuine. It also verifies that the email address is syntactically correct. The tool also checks whether or not:


  • ·         The address is not offered by a recognised distributor of disposable email addresses (DEA).
  • ·         This email address does not appear to be associated with a well-known free email provider.
  • ·         The email address under consideration does not appear to conceal a honeypot.
  • ·         The mail exchanger of the email address domain can be successfully reached.
  • ·         Messages sent to the email address under test can be accepted by the mail exchanger in charge of the email address domain.

Without a sure, that is a really thorough report. Let's have a look at its disadvantages now. To begin, you may only authenticate one email address at a time. Validating a complete list of 1000 or more email addresses will take a long time. Signing up for Verifalia's account, on the other hand, may assist you in validating a large number of emails.

#3. Free Email Validation Software from ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce's free email validator aids in the validation of any email address. The tool is known for its quick email validation method. Simply input any email address and click the yellow 'Verify' button. The utility informs you of the current status of your email address.

If there is adequate information at ZeroBounce, the program will also tell you the recipient's first and last name. As a result, the program promises to be more than just an email address validator. Every month, you may only check up to 100 email addresses for free.

However, if you want to bulk-validate your email list, you must spend a few dollars more. For example, verifying up to 2000 email addresses costs $0.008 each validation. The fee rises to $0.001525 for a total of 200,000 email checks.

The credit mechanism in ZeroBounce's email validator never expires. It implies that if you purchased credits, they will expire if you use them. The program provides live help and thorough analysis of your email list 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

#4. Email Address Validation Tool from EmailListVerify

The free email validation tools provided by EmailListVerify allow you to examine the health of your email addresses. It also informs you if it has been banned. The MX Lookup utility allows you to verify the DNS MX records for your email sending domain. All of these tools are completely free.

However, if you want professional-level email validation, you must purchase EmailListVerify's 'pay as you go' or monthly subscription. For its cost, you must pay as little as $0.0003 each email examined with a maximum of 10,000,000 emails. The price for 1000 emails is $0.004 each email, for a total of $4.


If you prefer monthly memberships, the cost is $139 for checking 5000 emails each day. The most expensive monthly price plan is $989 for sending over 100,000 emails each day. MailChimp, Shopify, and other companies trust the firm, so you should too.

#5. DeBounce – High-End Email Validation Software

If you need a full-fledged email validation solution, DeBounce is the way to go. Without a doubt, it's simple, quick, and accurate. There will be no bouncing, discarding, or spam on your end.

Let me walk you through all of the practical advantages of using DeBounce:


  • ·         Reduce bouncing by removing invalid and difficult email addresses.
  • ·         Confirm whether or not an email address exists.
  • ·         Determine catch-all domains to ensure that all email addresses are legitimate.
  • ·         Email addresses with grammatical problems should be removed.
  • ·         Simulate a well-configured email engine to use the anti-greylisting technology.
  • ·         Get rid of any duplicate email addresses.
  • ·         Check the email addresses on your platform.
  • ·         The system's clever indications will keep you spam-free.
  • ·         Check to see if the domain or MX records are still active.

As you can see, DeBounce is one of the most effective email validation solutions on the market right now. It has everything you require to increase the ROI of your email marketing activities. You may also add all of your team members to a single DeBounce account.


All you have to do is submit your email list in TXT format and wait for DeBounce to do the rest. After some time has passed, obtain your clean list of email addresses. It just takes a few minutes to complete. And you're ready to send emails with greater confidence than ever before.


If you want to get off to a good start, use DeBounce's email validation tools. But if all you need is a free email checker, I've got you covered.

That leads me to the free tool from NeverBounce. Let's get started straight now.


#6. Free Email Checker from NeverBounce

Using NeverBounce's verification tool, you can ensure that an email address is legitimate and that your message will reach its intended recipient. It allows you to authenticate up to ten email addresses for free. Then you might want to consider upgrading your services.

After the initial ten free email address checks, NeverBounce costs $0.008 for up to 10,000 email address checks. As your list grows, so does your price. For example, searching 100,000 email addresses will cost you $0.005.

If you have a list of more than 1000,000 addresses, you should inquire about pricing with NeverBounce. I appreciate the price plan since it is so flexible. A bulk discount is also available from the firm. Email addresses with incorrect syntax or duplicates are not even charged.


NeverBounce's email validation is virtually free thanks to all of these capabilities and a simple price approach. It takes between 2 and 10 minutes to check 10,000 emails. And you may always try out the tool before paying for it.

#7. Verification Software for EmailListValidation

To be honest, does not provide a free-for-ever plan, but you may use the service for as little as $0.0009 per email. If you need full-fledged email validation services, this is the way to go. The program safeguards your contacts, assists you in avoiding ESP blocking, and boosts your ROI.

I like the email list validation since the credits you buy never expire. That is the brilliance of its price structure. There are no ongoing charges because you pay as you go. But, once again, I must acknowledge that it is not free.

#8. Bounce's Free Email Checker 

Bounce's free email checker is one of the most basic validation tools for validating a single email. It also does not provide a thorough report, just informing you whether or not an email address exists. It's quick, accurate, and useful.

Do you wish to verify a large number of email addresses? Then you might want to try Bounce's paid validation tool. In addition, it provides 100 free email verification credits. And the technology claims that the results are 99.5 percent accurate.


If you want a solution that allows you to test its capabilities beforehand, Bounce's email validator is for you. You may easily register for a free account on the site.

The tool determines whether your email list is deliverable.


With drag-and-drop capability, the software helps you check your email list of 250K contacts. It also provides bounce estimates, which use a sophisticated algorithm to assist clear your list. And you may have confidence in it because Bounce is GDPR compliant. This takes us to another email validation software for you to consider.

#9. Email Validation & Verification Software from ClearOut

ClearOut's concept is straightforward: pay for bulk email validation but go free for single ones. Yes, you may try out ClearOut's email verification tool for free before paying to verify the whole email list.

The free email checker determines if an email address is safe to send emails to and whether it has a functional mailbox. It also indicates if the email account is free or paid. However, if you want a more thorough analysis on your email list, look at ClearOut's pricing options.

#10. Emailable's Email Verification Tool

Without a doubt, Emailable offers a fantastic email validation software. The firm offers you with 250 free credits to try their product. It implies that you can validate up to 250 email addresses before paying for the services.

The cost is determined by the quantity of emails that must be checked. For example, you may verify 5000 email addresses for $20. The cost is $0.004 per email. When you reach 2,500,000 email addresses, the cost drops to $0.0009 per email.